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Let’s Grow

Your Brand

Award-winning digital agency, focusing on social media marketing and website creation.

We’ll take it from here.

We work with clients that are: actors in movies that grossed over 25 million, professional athletes, self-made millionaire entrepreneurs and more. We cater for every business size.


We’d love nothing more than to add you to that list. We give our clients as much value as possible and treat each one like an Individual. After all, we’re all just humans, right?

We provide our services at an extremely competitive price

We give more value than we take. We under promise and then over-deliver.

We work with clients from all over the world

There is no location barrier to our services. We operate everywhere.

Creative strategies to increase effectiveness

Constantly thinking outside the box is something we believe in.

We show results much faster than you’d think

Within just a few days, you’ll see the power and need for what we do.

What Our Clients Say

We deliver time and time again while proving to be a reliable source.

Get in touch

Use the form below or email james@indivmedia.com for any questions on our packages.

Lines of code written

We strive for nothing less than perfection.

Social media followers

What we do best: building your online voice.

Emails sent

We’re here at any time to help.

Cups of coffee consumed

We should probably cut back a bit…

How to Grow On Social Media

How to Grow On Social Media

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