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Audience Growth

You need people to hear about your brand. We grow audiences for every network: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
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You have an amazing product or service, now what? You need somewhere to showcase what it is you do and what you have to offer.
Viral Content

Your content needs to be seen. Waiting for organic growth is one option, but direct shares, likes, and retweets is the better option.
And More..

We basically do everything digital: management for your social media, animated videos and script writing, content creation, etc.

We looked to expert social media marketing guru James Corneille, to drive our content into a new heightened level. We exceeded 200k impressions on some really neat videos. If you're serious about gaining an advantage in this area, go for IndivMedia and James.

Honestly, this service is amazing. I’ve gained an amazing amount of followers already and we’ve just begun. My impressions, engagement, and followers have all grown together. I’d recommend James in a heartbeat!


I found James to be both interested and professional when it came to my accounts. He was on the ball and also knew how to engage with my target audience. I even received some bonus material for my channels. I have been really pleased with the growth and engagement!


I wanted to engage with more figures in the world of sports and interact with fans about what they were most passionate about, IndivMedia helped me grow my reach from about 5,000 people to over 700k in reach and engagements.


James was incredibly professional and responsive. He helped us grow our twitter and YouTube followings exponentially. Thanks to his targeted outreach, our new followers are high quality, engaged and truly interested in what we have to offer.


Before we met James, marketing was very slow. Immediately after we went from 39 followers on Twitter and Instagram to over 7,000 on Twitter and 5,000 on instagram. James grew our following by 1000% and I am greatly appreciative for his work.

James does what he says he is going to do! My social media presence has grown over 25,000+ new followers in such a short amount of time. These are real people! Real people who are now looking to me for products and services needed.


The service James has provided has been seamless and excellent. In a few short weeks, my audience and my reach and grown exponentially. I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone thinking about growing their social media reach.


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