How We Generated $1M for Timoté’s
Agency from 865 Sales Calls

Young With Solutions was already doing some outreach, but they wanted to find a way to scale it x10. On day 1 of sending emails – we booked in 12 calls for them and the success continued from there.

Sales Calls Booked

Our Email Outreach Strategy

We always recommend doing high-volume email outreach instead of low-volume, and that’s exactly what we did for Tim’s agency. The reason this wroks is because “volume negates luck”.

Instead of waiting weeks to test a couple scripts, offers or angles, you can have it all done within 1-2 days – allowing you to move faster.

We were also targeting the eCommerce niche, which is one of the hardest niches to succeed in, so we had to find a way to get infront of enough people that would likely be interested in what Young With Solutions (YWS) offers.

"Common Advice" That We Ignored

We noticed early on that the eCommerce niche really wanted the service YWS offered.

Contrary to popular advice, we mentioned the service itself in the first line of the script. This is usally a “no go” and comes across very sales-y, but it worked out well and didn’t affect our open rates.

From there, we talked about why their service made such sense for the niche to try, hitting on pain points of the eCommerce niche’s focus on Facebook Ads, with inconsistent ROAS (return on ad spend), this could be a better alternative. Again, this is usally a “no go” but this script had incredible booking rates, so it resonated.

Next, we showed the results YWS had for other similar clients and transitioned into a quicka and polite CTA to book in a call.

A third “no go” that we did, we pit the link to book in a call in the first email. Usually, common advice is that this can hurt deliverability. To some degree, this is true but it’s not a blanket rule that applies to everything.

If you have your email accounts setup correctly, use spintax in your scripts, avoid spam words and email people likely to be interested in your offer, adding one link in the first email is usually worth the cost if the niche itself responds well to it.

Lastly, the fourth “no go” is our scripts were 4-5 hefty paragraphs long. Usually, the advice is that people don’t read that much and again, to some degree this is actually true, but we saw that this niche needed to be educated on the service itself before wanting to book in the call, so it made sense to educate them on the service before asking them to book in a call.

Otherwise, we saw they were less less likely to book in a call.

The key takeaway is this: Don’t follow the common advice and test. Check the metrics to see if your test improved results, and if it did, scale that campaign to the moon and replicate those learnings across all of your campaigns in the same niche.

Email Account Setup

This step is usually where people get something wrong. If you mess up the email accounts, you’ll hurt your open rate and therefore your booking rate, the amount of calls you book and ultimately how many clients you sign.

We setup the email tech perfectly from the DNS records, to the domain names and the provider we were going with.

One quick tip is that GoDaddy usually is said to have the highest deliverability out of all of the domain providers while Namecheap is said to have lower deliverability.

We used only .com domains due to them having the highest deliverability versus the other options.

How It Went

As you know, we eneded up generating over $1M and booking in 865 calls. As I write this, we just booked in over 50 calls last week alone. I’m sure we’ll continue to scale YWS with Tim for years to come.

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