Grow your brand.

Why TikTok?

Why now is the time to focus on TikTok.

1 Billion Monthly
Active Users.

TikTok Saw $2.3 Billion in Consumer Spending in 2021, Up 77 Percent Y/Y

TikTok generated $824.4 million in Q4 2021 alone, more than double what it hit in Q4 2020, according to Sensor Tower data.




TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app




The average number of times a Twitter user would open the app would be around 15. However, a TikToker’s daily activation is more than double that, with TikTok users opening their apps 38 to 55 times a day.




Highest Social Media Engagement Rates Per Post - 17% vs 1-4% elsewhere




Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc

Move Over Google. TikTok Is the Go-To Search Engine for Gen Z




Our eCommerce Predictions

With more competition by the day and rising CAC, the only way to compete is competing where other's don't and become a household name.

1 1


Next Billion Dollar Brand.

The next billion dollar brand will be created organically on TikTok.

2 2


x10 Bigger For eCommerce.

Most eCommerce brands haven't realised what's happening, yet.

3 3


Brands Will Be Creators.

The days of professional ads are gone, now it's authentic content.


Organic TikTok content by IndivMedia.

How it Went

996,000+ likes

19,000,000+ views

111,000+ shares

How it Went

162,000+ likes

1,600,000+ views

4,900+ saves

How it Went

100,000+ likes

2,100,000+ views

2,300+ saves

How it Went

144,000+ likes

1,200,000+ views

3,700+ saves

@qb54 Replying to @bot..gg The dual purpose makes our QB54 that much better! Enjoy a gameday and some relaxation wherever you are! 🏈🌴 #fypシ #tailgateszn #funwithfriends #giftideas #viral #backyardvibes #nflfootball ♬ original sound - QB54
How it Went

67,000+ likes

645,000+ views

2,700+ saves

How it Went

16,800+ likes

645,000+ views

900+ shares

How it Went

38,900+ likes

630,000+ views

1,000+ shares

Your Options — Save Yourself Time, Money And Energy.

Your Options — Save Yourself Time, Money And Energy

As you know, trial and error is a time-consuming, stressful and expensive process.

Do It In-House

Doing TikTok content in-house.

  • Comes Across Too Professional
  • Unsure What Works On TikTok
  • Too Expensive To Create
  • Time Consuming
  • Split Focus Vs Other Projects
  • Lots Of Trial And Error
The Best Decision

Go With Us

Partnering with us on your TikTok content.

  • Quality Systems To Manage Everything
  • A+ Experienced Creators
  • No Headaches, Just Content
  • TikTok Focused
  • Fundamentals That Work For Any Niche
  • Content With The TikTok Platform In Mind

Manage Creator

Trying to find, and manage a creator yourself.

  • Unsure What To Look For When Hiring
  • Manage And Communicate With Creator
  • No Viral Or Sales Results
  • Mundane Content
  • Focused On General UGC, Not TikTok
  • Expensive For What You Get

Our Process

What working with us would be like.

Onboarding Your Agency

We have an onboarding process which is simple and quick.

Leads, Scripts & Strategy

We'll create your scripts with different angles, length and offers.

Send, Analyse & Iterate

We fully manage your account and work out how to iterate.

Sales & Email Replies

We can place a sales closer, and reply to the email responses.

Our Demand

23 Brands In 5 Days

TikTok Organic Content is a trend right now for business' just like yours. We're only looking for clients that match with our vision for the future of content marketing.

Our Spots Are Extremely Limited And They Fill Up Extremely Quickly

We Have A Cap On The Amount Of Clients We Work With At One Time

We Are By Far The Best In The Market, No One Gets Results Like Ours

Our Pricing

For your TikTok strategy.


€3,000 /month

+ €0.75 CPM + Creator Fee

Great for scaling brands.

1 TikTok per day

TikTok account management

Script writing, creating, editing, posting

Full usage rights


€6,000 /month

+ €0.75 CPM + Creator Fee

Great for larger companies.

2 TikToks per day

TikTok account management

Script writing, creating, editing, posting

Full usage rights


€9,000 /month

+ €0.75 CPM + Creator Fee

Great to take over TikTok.

3 TikToks per day

TikTok account management

Script writing, creating, editing, posting

Full usage rights

Don't Delay & Miss Out.

An opportunity like this comes up once in a lifetime. One of the last times was when Facebook Ads started to become popular.