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TikTok Organic Content: Make your brand viral.More sales, guaranteed.

With rising customer acquisition costs, organic content is a must in 2023.

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We grow sales with

TikTok Content.TikTok & FB Ads.

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Whether you need just TikTok content or TikTok/FB ads and content, we’ve got you and your brand covered.

TikTok Organic Content

TikTok Organic Content

Authentic, organic and viral content on TikTok is a must for eCommerce brands in 2023 after iOS 14's updates.

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Your brand deserves tailored solutions. Tell us your problem, we'll see if we can solve it.

TikTok/FB Ads

TikTok/FB Ads

Grow your sales, with the same team that manages your creatives and talks to your customers on a daily basis.

results we've achieved

Go Viral. Make Sales.

We understand TikTok at a deep level, and we also have the eye for what works and what doesn't.

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Who is James Corneille?

James is an entrepreneur from Ireland with expertise in digital marketing and a personal brand that has grown to a community of over 400,000.

James has 19 awards from companies such as Microsoft, AIB and more. He’s been featured in various publications including being listed in the 20 under 20 and 30 under 30.

My Story To Date

I started many businesses from a really young age, some of them would work for a while (Such as my eBay business!), and others not so much (Skizzie, a language learning animated platform).

Eventually, I launched Positivity Pack, a social enterprise with the aim to make someone's day while donating 10% to charity. PP's and my own audience started to grow on Twitter rapidly to a combined number of 650k+, so I "fell into" helping other brands do the same.

From there, IndivMedia was born. Today, I mix my passions of helping others with my love for business to help ambitious entrepreneurs on the journey to their dreams.

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